Deborah Purchase – Director of Fever Fitness For Women/Elite Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor/Nutrition Professional

• Certificate III in Fitness • Certificate IV in Fitness • Female Specific Trainer
• Advanced Nutrition Level 1 • Certificate in Boxing Fitness • Certificate in Child Fitness
• Group Exercise Leader (GEL) • First Aid and CPR • Certificate in Business
Les Mills Certified Instructor
- Body Pump Advanced Instructor Module 1 (AIM 1)
- Grit Instructor - Strength, Cardio, Plyo Trained

-Les Mills Core (CXWORX)

At my heaviest, I weighed in at 164 kg. I was sad, lonely and emotional... To everyone who knew me I was just happy go-lucky Deb, mum of four children who was never upset....
Moving to Townsville was where my life changed forever. This is where I began Personal Training (with Brent Goriss) and my fitness journey started. Within the first month I saw changes, changes I thought I never could achieve. Overtime, with strength and conditioning training and eating properly I began achieving my goals. Today, not only am I half the size of my former self, my strength, endurance and love for life is the true reward!!
I believe setting challenges for myself is important. I have many personal goals I am working towards; this keeps me focussed and motivated – keeping me grounded, knowing where I want be.
Becoming a Personal Trainer has enabled me now help others achieve their health and fitness goals.
Drawing from my own personal experience gives me the insight to relate to women who also want to take the first steps to make the same changes.

I specialise in all of the above as well as:
• Weight Loss
• Weight Training
• Elite Level Personal Training
• Fitness Model and Body Building Competition Preparation
• Strength and Conditioning Training
• Rehabilitation Training
• Agility Training
• Positive Motivating
• Goal Motivation & Achievement
• Advanced Nutrition
• Group Client Training

Believe in yourself and anything is possible ... Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will you be! Over time, with focus and dedication (often years) you can achieve your Goals and Dreams !!


                                                                                                       IT IS POSSIBLE

                                   Business Hours

                       Monday              5:00am–7:00pm
                       Tuesday              5:00am–7:00pm
                       Wednesday        5:00am–7:00pm
                       Thursday            5:00am–7:00pm
                       Friday                  5:00am–7:00pm
                       Saturday             6:00am–11:00am
                       Sunday                        Closed

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